Saturday, December 16, 2006

Arthur's Grill, 1940s

What a beautiful, balmy, mid-December(!) day it is here in Charlottesville. I just took a nice stroll down the Downtown Mall and the place was bustling -- even the ice cream shops were busy, thanks to the warm weather.

Speaking of ice cream shops, here's a former tenant of the space that now houses Splendora's Gelato Cafe. Continuing our theme of "Did you ever eat at this place and if so, how do you remember it?", do any of you have memories you'd like to share of Arthur's Grill?


TrvlnMn said...

When did it go out of business? Unless it was within the past 20 years, I'm going to guess that anyone who can actually remember it *might* not know how to use a computer.

DaveNorris said...

That's a very good question. I'll admit, I haven't done the research on this place, so I don't know the answer. I'm starting to think that it may well have been several decades since it was in business...

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave
While waiting for City Council to come on channel 10 tonight, I thought I would stroll down memory lane in your post card collection online.

Yes, I remember Arthur's Grill, and yes, I can use a computer. Before there was a strip, before there was "liquor by the drink" (not til I was in college), Arthur's Grill was just about the only place downtown for a family to have a relatively nice meal out at night without the big deal of going to "the hotel" dining room. With all our restaurant choices today, it is incredible to think how few places there were downtown for dining out. Arthur's was open during the day as well, of course, but my family ate there regularly when we went out for dinner. I do not know when it closed but I guess the early 1960s since I seem to remember my last meal there as perhaps in 1964 on a Christmas shopping trip with my father on our annual night out to buy a gift for my mother. I am sure that I ordered fried oysters, and that he probably had the fish or a t-bone steak with a Schlitz. That particular year, we shopped at Tilman's, now the glass front building across the street from the grill. Thanks for sharing your pics.

Sam Menefee said...


I doubt this card is 1940's. The reverse has "Next to Miller & Rhoads Department Store" which was established in Charlottesville in 1956. Hope this helps. Keep up the good work.