Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Dogs Deserve Better

On November 20, 2006, City Council approved (on a unanimous 5-0 vote) a number of changes to our local animal ordinance. One of them forbids the tethering or chaining of dogs for more than 10 hours/day. Unfortunately, there has been little public notice of this change, and there are many dogs in our city who continue to be chained up 24/7.

If you are concerned about a dog in your neighborhood that is still being continuously tethered, the City's Animal Control Officer is available to come by and apprise his/her owner of this new law (unless you're on friendly enough terms to do it yourself, but no need to risk a confrontation). Just call the Charlottesville Police Department's non-emergency number (977-9041) and give them the necessary info.

[Wondering why we made this change? See this fact sheet from the Humane Society of the United States.]

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TL Patten said...

Just a word of personal opinion on dog fencing: I am not a fan of the hidden electronic fences used to contain dogs. While these may preserve the look of a yard, they do little contain any dog if there is sufficient incentive or distration. If the dog gets too worked up, it will forget or ignore the pain and run through the fence anyway and, once outside, may not voluntarily come home again because it will get shocked. Thus, the same fence which provided containment provides aversion therapy once the dog gets loose.

Also, smaller dogs are left open to attacks by other animals and bullying brats. And the receiver collars are expensive and can be stolen right off your dog by any passersby in need of a replacement collar.

IMO, it's better to go with solid fencing and let the dog have the run of the yard.