Friday, February 9, 2007

Another Cville Blogger on PACEM

First was Chuck Beretz. Now, "Wags Outside" talks about his own experience with PACEM. There are many myths and stereotypes about homeless people that fall by the wayside when you spend time volunteering one-on-one with the homeless and you quickly come to realize that we all share a common humanity. Many thanks to both of these bloggers for eloquently bringing this truth to light.

UPDATE: "Wags Outside" continues his thoughts here. It's an excellent depiction of a "day in the life" (night in the life?) of a PACEM volunteer. If you'd like to learn more about volunteer opportunities with PACEM, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Adriana Nicholson, at 465-5093 or

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John Trippel said...

I was once a homeless man in downtown NYC thru circumstances uncontrollable to me. I am now a teaching assistant with a local school who is living without any other supports. I'm off the dole, but at the time I wasn't.
I can only empathise with those folks in our area who live paycheck to paycheck and who have no other supports other than showing up to a low paying job. And I also feel for those who once they run in a crises, they fall apart. I know many people who are homeless and have and additional problem of addiction but not all homeless do. These people need our help too, they may not seem to be helpfull productive citizens now but they can turn out to be so later on in their lives. I am thankful for those who set up a sleeping place for the homeless in our area without having to pass thru all kinds of hoops in order to say warm for the night. A big hats off to you all. I know those who do volunteer in our soup kitchens find out a lot more than they can by reading about the problem. many thanks to those who fed me back in the day. There is a future for those who many seem hopeless and lost today.