Sunday, March 4, 2007

David Sawyer, R.I.P.

David Sawyer died in a car accident this past week -- you can read his obituary here. Back in the '80s, David ran a little place on West Main St. called the Garden Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant (more recently the site of Continental Divide), which featured quite the alternative culinary/cultural/musical scene, with regular performances by Boyd Tinsley (pre-DMB) and many others. I regret that Garden Gourmet closed its doors before I moved to town.

I did not know David well, but we had a number of mutual friends, and we would run into each other at the Cville VegFest each year, where he would be staffing a table for some environmental group or another. I know that he will be greatly missed, and my sympathies go out to his friends and family. Contributions in his honor can be made to The Fivefold Path, Inc.

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Parvati (Fran) Rosen-Bizberg said...

wonderful man, father and grandfather, visionary, talented drummer and percussionist, water colour painter, dedicated vegetarian and dearest friend. He will be missed. with love, fran