Thursday, March 22, 2007

Deltiology on High

So I was dining with my friends David and Jenny Robinson the other night, and David happened to mention that they had moved their company (Birch Studio Graphics, a most excellent design firm by the way) into a building on High Street that supposedly used to be a church. Well, it so happens that I have in my collection a postcard of a "High Street Baptist Church," and I've never been able to visualize where on High Street this church may have been located. So the next day, I went to the Charlottesville Assessor's on-line listing of Cville properties and found this image of Birch Studio's new home at 619 E. High St.:

And I compared it to this postcard (circa 1905) from my collection:

There are clearly a lot of differences between the two pictures, but David was convinced that it was the same building. (His exact words, when I e-mailed him this image, were: "Bingo! That’s our building. What a find!") I've since confirmed, via the 1907 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, that this is indeed the same location. David's going to enlarge this image and print it out on canvas for display in their foyer. Pretty cool!

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