Friday, August 31, 2007

Yes, Even City Councilors Fall Prey to Petty Criminals

Have you seen my scooter?

Piaggio Fly 50, cherry red...stolen from in front of my house the night before last (Aug. 29). VIN is ZAPC446B874000444. I know it's a long shot, but if anyone happens to come across it, I'd be enormously grateful if you'd give me a call (220-1095). Thanks!

p.s. also stolen were two Fulmer "Hombre" half-helmets, black w/cherry on side:


The Road Runner said...

I am truly sorry to hear someone stole your scoot. They are wonderful forms of transportation in almost every way imaginable, though they are vulnerable to theft due to their light weight.

Did you have it insured against theft?

It seems odd that someone would steal a Piaggio... I would think the "market" for those parts would be rather small...

Have you made mention to the dealerships / service shops that your scoot was stolen? Often times, they can report a suspicious parts request to you and/or the police.

Good luck with the recovery!

Louis Schultz said...

CIty Councilors even go so far as to abet crime. When are you going to have the cajones to address the problems the City 's illegal actions on Steephill Street have caused?

DaveNorris said...

Louis, once you are ready to enter into a constructive, even-tempered dialogue with your neighbors and with the City about a resolution to Steephill (one in which all parties are willing to cede some ground to help break the current impasse), I cannot imagine a resolution will be impossible to negotiate. If your approach to resolving the problem is to continue to lambaste anyone who doesn't see things your way as a criminal, then I honestly don't think you're going to make much progress.