Thursday, October 4, 2007

Charlottesville for Obama

Barack's coming to Cville for a rally at the Pavilion on Oct. 29. Get your tickets now!

From Fred Hudson:

Subject: Obama is Official

Barack Obama is coming to town, for sure, on October 29th. The location of the event will be the Pavilion on the Mall, at 7 PM. The tickets are $29, $15 for students and the "Orchestra" is priced at $100. To buy a ticket, go to and place your order. I suggest you do it quickly as who knows about the rate of subscriptions on this, and you do not want to be left out. Also, please put the name of "Cauline Yates" in the blank that asks for the person who referred you to the site. She is the main promoter of the event, and has done a huge job in getting Obama here. Without her persistence, I am not sure it would have happened. Thanks, and I hope you can go.


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