Friday, October 12, 2007

Congratulations, Mr. Gore!

An apt and awesome honor.

Want to get involved in this Nobel Peace Prize-worthy cause? See post below. (Note that Stephen Smith, Gore protege and founder of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, is the keynote speaker at this event.)


The Road Runner said...

If this was truly a Nobel-worthy accomplishment, wouldn't it have been better suited to the realm of science? I think this begs the question... Perhaps because his efforts weren't based on science, but rather on *gasp* propaganda and warm fuzzies, it was awarded as a peace prize.

The Nobel prize for peace has traditionally awarded prizes to peace-makers and humanitarians. Gore's work as an environmental "advocate" - which I use loosely - has little to do with being a humanitarian, much less peace.

I can only think of one instance when he could have truly earned the peace prize: back in 2000 when he called off the Democrat party's hounds and accepted his loss for the presidential race.

The committees would have done better to refrain from giving the award (as in years past) than to cheapen it by doling it out to hysterical advocates of environmental doom.

Or perhaps given it to my brother-in-law in his endless pursuit to help the homeless and improve the standard of living for everyone in C-ville...

DaveNorris said...

All right Chris, just for that I am NOT going to give you that "Re-Elect Al Gore for President 2008" bumper sticker I had bought you for Christmas. That'll teach you!

The Road Runner said...

Yes, thank you for sparing me that humility. I am a man of many things, but embracing contradictions (re-elect?) isn't one of them.

Of course, that means that if he did become president, he should only serve one term since he had been elected twice. Oh, the predicaments!

Glad you have sense of humor enough to take me lightly when I fly off the handle like that! Thanks, Dave. Lesson learned.