Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm No Mike Wallace

No, I'm more Conan O'Brien...just without the easy humor or witty repartee.

I now have my own public access TV show, "Postcards from Charlottesville," a monthly half-hour gabfest where I get to sit down with people I find interesting and talk with them about local history or current events.

You can see the first episode, which includes a walk down memory lane with Ann W. Carter about the Jefferson School and a provocative discussion with "Miss Representation" herself, Jennifer Tidwell, about the portrayal of Sacagawea at the Lewis & Clark statue, by clicking here:
(requires Windows Media Player or Flip4Mac for Macs)

My freakish bobbing head is thrown in at no extra charge. (I've got to work on that...)

"Postcards from Charlottesville" will air on Fridays at 7pm and Wednesdays at 4pm on Charlottesville Public Access Channel 13. Many thanks to my producer, David Dillehunt, for doing such a great job of pulling the show together!

I'm gonna have fun with this.


lani said...

that is AWESOME!!! :)
great dad, great social advocate, great councilman, and now TV star...what's next?? you've done Mondamous proud.

your sis

Anonymous said...

Great councilman?

Please elaborate. I must have missed something big.

turkrut said...

every blog has its resident ass-hat. guess this guy (anon. 2:35) is yours dave...

gdogmom said...

I look forward to many more episodes.

I would happily sign on as a wardrobe consultant. (I'd like to see more bling)

Seriously, you do great work.


Anonymous said...

wow turkrut, that was illuminating!! did you mean to help me make my point?

if greatness is there it's certainly well hidden. if you disagree, i would think you'd not only be able to offer something in support of the "great councilman" label, but that you would jump at the opportunity.

sorry, but when you write a blog on the internet, people other than immediate family can read it too. the rest of us might not be as likely to give out pats on the head for every little thing. some of us are even a little disgusted at how the city is being run. dave doesn't seem likely to make any meaningful change, tv or no tv.

The Road Runner said...

Oh, good times. Good times...