Friday, December 21, 2007

Best Blog Post of 2007, Hands Down

How can you even think of topping a blog post entitled "Happy Merry Cheer and Castration Proposal: The Real Story of Christmas"?? And it gets better from there. See for yourself. Three cheers for Maiaoming.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha! While good in theory, the underlying problem is still there, regardless of castration. On the upside, you could apply it to the "sterilize stupid people" maxim, the "fire the lifeguard" or "add cholorine to the gene pool" ultimatum or any of those other mind-bending bumper stickers...

Instead, why don't we "envision whirled peas?"

maiaoming said...

Dave, thank you for a great Christmas present! I didn't even know you would have read this, let alone written anything about it.

Our family remains a big fan of yours.

But any man who can read my castration suggestion without flinching definitely endears himself further!

Happy Holidays!

DaveNorris said...

Thanks Maiaoming. And who said anything about not flinching?!? :-)