Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Medina

Came upon this card recently and just had to buy it. I'd never heard of this establishment, but it sounds like it was an interesting place to shop. (Postcard appears to be circa...oh, I don't know, 1980??) From the blurb on back:

THE MEDINA -- Shopper's World -- Route 29 North -- "Charlottesville's Exclusive Import Shop" -- Exquisite Middle Eastern handcrafted brass, leather, wood, and ceramic items...ideal for home & office decorating and gift giving. For the Ladies: gold and silver jewelry, brocades and silks.

Anyone remember THE MEDINA?


Victoria said...

Awesome... now the words and music to "Funky Cold Medina" are stuck in my head. Thanks, Dave!

Good to see the Return o' the Cards, though.

DaveNorris said...

Thanks Victoria. I'm so dense, I hadn't even made that connection. Now I can't get that dern song out of my head either!!