Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Green Websites

Tomorrow (Thursday, Jan. 10) from 7-9pm at South Street Brewery is the launch party for two new websites of interest to local greenies (and would-be greenies):

1) Better World Betty -- -- a wonderful new on-line guide to green living in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area, created by my good buddy Teri Kent

2) City of Charlottesville's "Green City" Page -- -- an information-rich new site about the City's extensive efforts to promote environmental sustainability, created by the dynamic duo of Sarah Edwards and Kristel Riddervold

Come by the party and join in the fun. We'd love to have you!

p.s. here's a related teaser -- two other local Web sites currently under development, also to be unveiled soon: a greening your congregation/greening your spirituality guide for people of faith, by the visionary Tricia G. (aka the Zebra lady), and a site to organize social activities for Cville-area singles of the vegetarian/green-living variety (sign me up!)

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