Wednesday, March 26, 2008

From the "It's a Small World" Department

Got a voice mail message yesterday from a woman who said she's a Charlottesville resident who's doing long-distance phonebanking as a volunteer for the Barack Obama campaign. She's been making phone calls to people in Texas about the presidential caucuses happening there this weekend. She had a good chat with one man about the caucus process (she said he seemed very nice) and was about to hang up when he asked her where she was calling from.

"I'm in Virginia," she said.

"Where in Virginia?," he asked.

"Central Virginia," she replied.

"Where in Central Virginia?," he asked.

"Charlottesville," she said.

"Oh really!," he replied. "Well, my son is the Mayor of Charlottesville."

"No kidding!" said she.

"Yeah, and tell him to call me, I haven't heard from him in awhile."

So she did. And I did.

Just one more example of how Barack Obama brings people together. :-)

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The Road Runner said...

I'll have to mention to your father that I read about your conversation here first. Seems like a sign of the times, eh? (I have to read my wife's blog just to keep up with what's going on in her life!)

Perhaps that's why we relate to Obama's use of technology so much?

But there's also that je ne sais quoi that appeals to even this conservative over any other presidential hopefuls... Is it the ability to be trusted to make wise decisions or the consistent message of unity? Hm...