Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wonder What Look Tomorrow Will Bring?

Yesterday, at the end of a very moving ceremony marking Tibetan National Uprising Day, a Buddhist monk presented each of the speakers with a small Tibetan flag and a Tibetan prayer shawl. I was very honored to receive his blessing.

"Tibetans Rise Up With City Hall," The Hook, 3/10/08

This morning, at the conclusion of a groundbreaking ceremony for a new 100-room boutique hotel on the Downtown Mall, I donned a hardhat and participated in a ceremonial dirt-toss with the hotel's developers.

"A Groundbreaking for a Luxury Hotel on the Downtown Mall," WINA, 3/11/08

It's official. I've become one of those politicians who wears things.


Jeff in c-ville said...

Politicians who wear things are much preferable to politicians who should, and don't, and make the worst kinds of headlines.

Peter Kleeman said...

I think you need to keep a collection of the many hats - and scarves, etc. - that the mayor of Charlottesville gets to wear. I think you could create a terrific 2009 calendar showing the many hats month by month from the previous year for your calendar photos. I will buy one and you can put the proceeds toward whatever is your choice of projects that next year. - Peter T. Kleeman

The Road Runner said...

(Insert tounge in cheek sarcastic comment about mixing religion and politics.)

On the other hand, I imagine anyone would be so honored.

As for wearing things... I, too was shocked to see that power tie around your neck!

DaveNorris said...

Yeah, I clean up pretty well, huh bro? Who woulda thunk it.