Thursday, May 15, 2008

Webb for VP and Other Random Thoughts

* Are the stars aligning for an Obama-Webb ticket? Jack Landers makes a very compelling case for Webb as VP and I note with interest this blurb by Marc Ambinder from Webb also passes the crucial "Don Norris litmus test" -- i.e. he's a Democrat that even my Republican father seems to like and respect, which bodes well for cross-over appeal.

* Speaking of my father, I see that a 19-year-old college freshman has just been elected Mayor of my father's hometown of Muskogee, Oklahoma. And people tell me I'm too young to be Mayor of Charlottesville -- I'm almost twice that kid's age!

* I've been very lame about posting images from my Cville postcard collection the last few months. Here's a quickie (below, circa 1955) in honor of UVa's graduation ceremonies this weekend. Congratulations to all grads -- especially my excellent Intern, Catherine Tobin (a future Governor of Virginia, you heard it here first).

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