Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Photos from Michelle Obama Rally

A fired-up cast of thousands turned out for the "Women for Obama" Rally at UVa this afternoon, featuring Michelle Obama and Jill Biden. Ms. Obama and Dr. Biden joined several other speakers (including Tom Perriello, candidate for the 5th Congressional District) in emphasizing that the outcome of this election -- and, by extension, the fate of our country -- will be determined by what happens in swing-state localities like Charlottesville come November 4. For more info. on how to get involved, see

Holly Edwards and I had the honor and pleasure of welcoming Ms. Obama and Dr. Biden to Charlottesville upon their arrival; Holly shared with them a touching prayer of peace. My impression upon meeting them and hearing them speak today is that our nation will be very well-served by these two women over the next 4-8 years. Here are some photos I took at the event: