Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wildlife Preservationists vs. Palin

Jessica Teel is a former Charlottesville resident who moved with her husband to Alaska several years ago to study and write about that state's threatened population of grizzly bears. There have been reams of articles written in the last two weeks calling attention to Sarah Palin's hard-line views on the issues (perhaps most troubling: forcing rape victims to pay for rape kits and advocating for legislation to force rape victims to bring to term any zygotes produced in the act of being raped), her profound dearth of qualifications for the Vice Presidency, her alleged abuse of power as Governor, her support of the "Bridge to Nowhere," her ill-fated attempts to cover up her support of the "Bridge to Nowhere," her effort to fire the town librarian who stood up for freedom of expression, etc., etc. Jessica, however, has a different take on Sarah Palin. Yes, she's troubled enough by all of these other things, but Jessica wants to world to know about Sarah Palin's awful track record on another subject, one that's near and dear to her heart: environmental conservation. Read more here:


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Anonymous said...

Wow! Unbelievable photos. This woman is worse than I ever imagined. Just more fuel for action!
Thanks for this post.