Monday, October 13, 2008

Removing Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing

Generating more affordable housing (and we need a lot more of it around here) is not just a matter of dedicating more funds (public and private) for the preservation and production of affordable housing, though that's critically important. It's also a matter of more effectively engaging with the private sector to provide stronger incentives for developers and homebuilders to be part of the affordable housing solution. At our City Council meeting last week, we took a big step in this direction by agreeing to initiate a streamlined review process for developments that include a certain percentage of affordable housing units, or that contribute to our City's affordable housing fund (as part of a broader strategy of improving the process by which all development projects are reviewed). The Free Enterprise Forum blog explains why this step was so important.

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Sean Tubbs said...

We have the story and the podcast at Charlottesville Tomorrow, from our first ever fellow, Fania Gordon. Take a listen. We'll also be following the Planning Commission's review as it proceeds.