Sunday, November 16, 2008

Half Marathon Results

Thousands of runners (including myself and over 100 other folks from Charlottesville) participated in yesterday's Richmond Half Marathon and despite the forecast of thunderstorms, it turned out to be a beautiful autumn day for a run. I'm pleased to say I finished the race, coming in 1,846th place out of 3,619 runners at a pace of 10:05/mile. My legs were (are) a little sore afterwards but otherwise I felt pretty good.

Next I have to decide if I'm really going to make a go of an actual marathon. I might rest up for a few days before even thinking about that.


lani said...

congrats on finishsing the run in great time!!! saturday we had san antonio's first marathon/half marathon and close to 25,000 people participated in the run. they will be doing it annually now, so consider it for next year....also, there are several different half marathons in Austin coming up too! (i went with a friend to the expo and got lots of info)

Lonnie said...

Hey Dave,

Congrats! Richmond is a really fun race. I've done the marathon three times and enjoyed it each time. The twenty miles isn't so hard, it's those last six! I missed running Richmond this year, but being a new parent and training was too much.

The CTC's has a quality marathon training program. Best of all, you get to see some of the most beautiful roads in Albemarle County.

I'm starting back running again in the ten miler training program, which is a good way to keep in shape over the winter. (Don't make the mistake I usually do, take too long of a break and lose all the training you've gained!)

Cat said...

Ditto what Lonnie said, both about the awesome marathon training program Cville is so lucky to have, but also on not taking too long of a break and losing what you've gained!