Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mr. Perriello Goes to Washington

Just got home from Washington, DC, to celebrate Tom Perriello's swearing-in as our new Congressman! Holly Edwards, Joy Johnson, Peter Kleeman and I took a road trip up to the nation's capital and it was great to see that so many fellow Charlottesvillians had made the same trek. An incredibly proud day for us all, especially for Tom's family and friends.

The man of the hour.

Several notables came by to pay their respects to Tom, including Sen. Jim Webb (pictured here), Sen. Mark Warner, Rep. Jim Moran, and...

...Rep. Bobby Scott, here getting schooled by Ms. Johnson in some obviously important subject.

Tom thanks his supporters and reminds us of the challenges that lie ahead.

Couldn't have happened to a better guy.

Holly, Peter and Joy at Union Station, as we start our return journey to Cville.

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