Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cynthia Neff for Delegate

Yesterday I attended a meet-and-greet for Cynthia Neff, candidate for the 58th District seat (Greene County and parts of Albemarle, Fluvanna and Orange) in the Virginia House of Delegates. I was very impressed. Not only did Cynthia demonstrate a keen understanding of how the General Assembly has dropped the ball on issues like transportation, energy, education and the environment, she was also unafraid to call out the bigotry and small-mindedness that has prevailed in Richmond on matters of equality and non-discrimination for all our citizens. Cynthia is running against a well-funded incumbent, but it's a swing district and she has the vim and the vigor to win this thing in November. Please lend her your support -- Go Cynthia!

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ChrEliz (Christine Gresser) said...

Thanks for this post, Dave! I met her briefly at the Dem Pasta Supper, but then had the chance to talk with her more at a Mike Signer for Lieutenant Governor meet and greet last week, and I was really impressed by how she was able to attend an event for someone else and really just listen to that other candidate, ask great questions, and get to know the other invitees, without trying to grab all sorts of attention for herself, the way some candidates sometimes do. I am impressed by what I know about Cynthia's positions on the issues, but right now what's on my mind first and foremost is how much I like what I've seen of her as a person. What I've seen is that she's smart, a great communicator, good listener, confident and yet comes across as a regular person (not egotistical, not power-hungry, etc.), warm, professional, and seems very, very competent. I look forward to learning more and more about her, and I am glad that someone is mounting a serious campaign against Rob Bell! Thanks for your post about her.