Saturday, October 31, 2009

Daily Progress Endorses Norris for Re-Election

I was pleased to receive the endorsement of the Daily Progress today. Below is their editorial, in full:

Norris Earns Council Return

Charlottesville needs Dave Norris’ experience on Council.

Mr. Norris has become seasoned in his first term in office, including his current stint as mayor. He has a broad view of the city’s strengths and challenges, and is particularly qualified to address several of the major issues facing Charlottesville.

Take the issue of affordable housing, which has been one of his main themes in both campaigns. Specifically this year, Mr. Norris notes that the city is facing the complete revitalization of its aging public housing stock. The effort will be both expensive and fraught with emotional pitfalls, since the city’s (and nation’s) last major effort at reinventing low-income housing brought us “urban renewal,” the scars of which still linger.

Mr. Norris and council have already taken steps to alleviate residents’ fears by involving them in the planning process. Mr. Norris’ background as a nonprofit leader with housing expertise will help the city continue to negotiate this difficult path.

Mr. Norris is also well acquainted with the details of many other critical issues, from the need to upgrade outdated sewer and stormwater lines to the problem of school dropout rates and achievement gaps to the necessity of ensuring adequate water supply for the city and the larger community.

On several issues, including the controversial one of dredging the South Rivanna Reservoir and/or raising the Ragged Mountain Dam, Mr. Norris has shown himself capable of listening to wise counsel and taking into account evolving information. This is an important quality in a public servant.

Dave Norris has proved his mettle, and he deserves to be returned to Charlottesville City Council.

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