Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Unsolicited & Unpaid Advertisement for a Good Local Builder

The construction business is hurting these days and many small "mom and pop" contractors are struggling mightily. Since I have a bit of a bully pulpit with this here blog, I thought I'd do my part to support one small businessman here in our community, Mr. Charlie Rogers. This fall, Charlie and his crew built a new addition on my Belmont home. Charlie does good work and pays close attention to detail. He is quite affordable (I had a very limited budget for my project) and very easy to work with. The project was completed on time and I couldn't have been more satisfied with the outcome. Though Charlie is not a "green builder" per se he was happy to incorporate a number of green features (including a high-efficiency heating and air system, dual-flush toilet, eco-friendly insulation, etc.) at no additional cost. So if you're looking for someone to do a small or large construction/renovation project at your home or business, please give Charlie a call at (434) 981-1738 and I'm sure he'd be willing to come out and give you a quote. Feel free to tell him I sent you. Charlie's a native of this area and does most (if not all) of his subcontracting with other locally-owned firms, so your dollars will be recycled right here in our community.

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