Monday, April 26, 2010

Slacker Blogger

The most recent edition of the Virginia Municipal League's monthly magazine, Virginia Town & City, highlights this blog as an example of a local elected official using social media to communicate with his/her constituents (go to and scroll down to pg. 13). I felt guilty when I saw that article (I didn't know that I was going to be mentioned in it) because my blogging has slacked off considerably over the past year as (1) my free time has become more and more constricted and (2) Facebook seems to have taken over as my social-media venue of choice, in large part because it's easier and quicker to post things there. I realize that many people are not on Facebook, though, so I try to cross-post things here from time to time; unfortunately, I have yet to find a simple way to make that happen automatically. I will try and make more of an effort to keep this blog current (especially now that it's getting statewide attention!), but if you're on Facebook, know that you can always find me at See you on the Internets.


Anonymous said...

"Networked blogs" application on Face book will do it for you once you set it up and get 10 to 20 FB friends to verify your identity and also follow your blog on networked blogs. (Used to be 10 but I think it has gone up to 20 now but not positive.)

Anonymous said...

I think your blog is an excellent idea, Mr. Mayor. I can think of few better ways for our elected officials to communicate with their constituents in the digital age. Public appearances are great but they are way too limiting. A mix is best. And you seem to have just the right mix.