Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Graduation Day

A couple of weeks ago, my son Eli "graduated" from elementary school -- next year he'll be starting 5th grade at Walker Upper Elementary. Eli received his school's Science Award for his interest & aptitude in Science & Nature (it's his favorite subject) and he also earned an "Excellence in Reading" certificate. From an early age, he's been interested in insects and dinosaurs and beasts of all stripes; I recall him saying, at the age of 4 or 5, that he was going to be an "endermologist" when he grew up so he could get paid to play with bugs. Not a bad gig if you can get it. As for excellence in reading...well, that boy plows through more books in one week then I typically read in a year (no exaggeration). Anyhow, congratulations Eli, I'm very proud of you!


lani said...

congratulations Eli!!! we're so proud of you and how well you've done :) we wish we lived closer to be able to share these achievements with you. i just know you will do amazing things with your life. and remember, when you go to middle school and want to make new friends, just go up to them and say "hi, my name is Eli, what's yours?" :)
lots of love,
aunt lani and uncle chris

Anonymous said...

Eli, Just read these postings by your Dad and Aunt Lani/Uncle Chris. I heartily echo what they've said; in fact some of it sounds quite familiar :-) Keep up the great work!! We love You and are very proud to have you as our grandson. Opa & Nadean