Thursday, July 5, 2007

Virgin Running

I've done a lot of running in my 37 years on this planet. I've run my mouth, I've run for election, I've run a couple of non-profit organizations...but before today, I'd never run in a foot race. Frankly, that kind of running has never been my bag. But about 6 months ago, I started running on the treadmill at the gym (I never thought I'd make it to 1 mile, forget about 2 or more!) and this morning, I put my nascent running skills to the test. The scene: Forest Lakes North, for the Kiwanis Independence Day 5K to benefit Camp Holiday Trails. And what do you know, I huffed and I puffed and I made it to the finish line in one piece --- coming in a respectable 174th out of 293 runners, arriving right at the 28 minute mark for a 9-minute-mile pace. It wasn't exactly an Andrew Hersey or Sue Hagedorn-caliber performance, but it wasn't too shabby for a first-timer, if I do say so myself! More importantly, it was great fun -- and now I've got the bug. When's the next race?!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing the race Dave. Now you've got to improve your time!

I also ran the race with my eight year old son and 18 year old daughter. It was his first race and he made his goals; do the entire distance without walking and not finish last. He was 288th and sixth from last. He beat me.
I think the next 5k is at Fairview Swim Club on July 21.
Kevin Cox

lani said...

that is soo awesome!! :) i'm so proud of you for doing that!!
maybe you can teach me some tricks of the trade when you come visit!

The Road Runner said...

Yeah, my dad started running in high school and wound up doing lots of triathlons as he got older and had us kids. We'd pack up for the weekend and travel all over the eastern US to watch him compete. It was good times for the whole family and he was in the best shape of his life.

I hope you and the fam continue to enjoy this form of recreation / exercise!

Lonnie said...

Great Job Dave, (and nice to speak with you in person at the meeting last night)

Always remember, the only person you're ever really running against is yourself.

To me, the best thing about the Charlottesville Running Community is that it works hard to dispell the myth that running is only for certain kinds of people. There have always been all different shapes, sizes, and ability levels in every Charlottesville Track Program I've participated in.

I'm currently in the CTC Marathon Training program for my third marathon. To start off though, I highly recommend the Men's four miler training program. (Many people then go from there to the Ten Miler program). My favorite race is the Batesville 10k in the Spring (if you don't mind a few hills).

Johnjteeee said...

Man that's under half of my time on a mile track. Glad you made it and did it under ten minutes, got to hand it to you...don't stop now

DaveNorris said...

Many thanks to all for the words of encouragement!