Sunday, August 19, 2007

Greener Schools

As the City of Charlottesville continues to expand our curbside recycling program (stay tuned for another big announcement on that front soon!), I'm very happy to report that the Charlottesville City Schools have launched a major new system-wide recycling program of their own. It's called "Recycling is Everyone's Responsibility."

As a parent and an environmentalist, it always bugged me that our schools did not have a recycling program in place before now. Certain teachers or student groups would voluntarily collect and dispose of recyclables here and there, but it took the leadership of our current School Board and Superintendent Rosa Atkins (working in tandem with our City Public Works Dept.) to make recycling a school-wide priority. Special thanks go to Buford Middle School teacher Renata Germino and Mayor David Brown for their efforts to encourage this change.

This program will divert tons of recyclable materials out of our waste stream and into productive re-use. More importantly, it will help instill the value of recycling in our schoolchildren and help them grow into more environmentally-conscious citizens. Great work Charlottesville schools!

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