Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Now This Is Just Piling On

From today's Danville Register & Bee, we have word that Virgil Goode has given $1,000 to the Duncan Hunter for President campaign because of Rep. Hunter's strong stand against illegal immigration. Hey, no surprise there. Hunter is drawing a harder line on immigration than most, however -- he even, according to the article, "supports preventing illegal immigrants from running for president." Yeah, you know, we've gotta crack down on that sort of thing, given all of the...uh, illegal immigrants who are just clamoring to...uh, you know, run for president and take over the country and stuff.

There are straw men, and then there are straw men. This one (almost) takes the cake.

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Kempis said...

There are very valid issues that arise around the subject of illegal immigration. Issues that are not about racism or scapegoating a group of people for current social or economic problems.

Unfortunately Virgil Goode belittles those issues each and every time he opens his mouth.