Tuesday, October 23, 2007

All Grown Up

A couple of months ago, my 11-year-old son started wearing my t-shirts on occasion. He said they fit him better. Didn't think much of it then. Now it's practically a daily occurrence. This morning I walked into my bedroom and there he was, putting on a pair of socks from MY sock drawer. "Eli," I said, "you've got at least 15 pairs of socks in your dresser!" "They don't fit me any more," he replied. I guess I've got to come to terms with the fact that (1) he's not a little boy any more and (2) I've got to buy him some new clothes.

Oh, and (3) I'm getting old.


David Brown said...

One things I enjoy about my sons being grown is that I can borrow their stuff.

Marijean said...

Hurts, doesn't it? The girl just outgrew our common shoe size so I just inherited several pair. Whoo hoo!