Thursday, October 18, 2007

Green Awards

Congratulations to Kristel Riddervold, Ernie Reed, RiverBluff and AltEnergy for receiving the 2007 Commonwealth Environmental Leadership Awards yesterday from the Charlottesville Waldorf Foundation. Well-deserved in each case!

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Lonnie said...

Dave did you hear that the county ARB rejected the site plan for the Montessori Community School? Apparently they proposed a progressive enviormentally friendly design but it wasn't traditional enough for the ARB. I suspect this isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened. Instead of encouraging responsible and sustainable development, we are discouraging people for things like not having red brick, white columns, and a "traditional" appearance. In fact, when the ARB recently denied the Montessori Community School, they even cited their use of native plants and habitat restoration as a reason for the denial.

It'd be nice to see the BOS and ARB get more proactive both in encouraging developers to use more sustainable features like native plants, passive solar, green roofs, rain gardens, etc. and also do more to support and encourage those go above and beyond to meet the goals set forth in the comprehensive plan.

I know you're a "city guy", but if you've got friends in the County Government then it might be worth discussing. The school is appealing the decision to the Board of Supervisors, so it could be a preceedent setting opportunity for the whole area.