Saturday, January 12, 2008

No Turning Back Now

As we were discussing the transition from his Mayorship to mine recently, David Brown told me that there was one thing he'd always wanted to do as Mayor of Charlottesville that he regretted not being able to accomplish. I wondered what he was referring to -- getting all at-risk kids enrolled in a quality sports program? Increasing our City's tree canopy? Saving more historic structures from the wrecking ball? Moving the City and the County enduringly beyond the tensions and hard feelings of the recent past? I'm sure all of those things were on his mind as well. But no, for the purposes of that conversation, he was referring to something else entirely: during his term, he had wanted to be the first Mayor to complete the Charlottesville Ten Miler. Unfortunately, though, knee problems had gotten in the way.

Then he threw down the gauntlet: I had to complete his legacy.

Since running my very first road race back in July 2007, I've run in 4 or 5 more races, but none of them was longer than 10K -- which remains the farthest I've ever run in one stretch. This morning, however, I submitted my registration for the Ten Miler. The race is on March 29. So now it's official. And now that I've told the world, there's no way I can't go through with it.

This one's for you, Dr. Brown.


Lonnie said...

Good luck with the training Dave.

Next thing you know, you'll be the first Mayor to run the Charlottesville Marathon... ;-)

See you out there on the roads!


Mama Marathon said...

Way to go, Dave! See you at the starting line!

DaveNorris said...

Thanks much for the encouragement guys. And Lonnie, I wouldn't put any money on me running a marathon, but I guess you never know...!