Monday, April 14, 2008

Boo Who?

In the news today was a round of stories about Hillary Clinton being booed for her anti-Obama remarks at an event in Pittsburgh this morning. It struck me that this was hardly the first time that I'd read of Hillary facing boos from a crowd during this campaign. Curious, I did a quick round of Google searches just now and came up with the following results:

"Hillary booed" -- 6,980 hits
"Hillary Clinton booed" -- 4,060 hits
"Hillary was booed" -- 1,600 hits
"Hillary Clinton was booed" -- 2,290 hits

"Barack booed" -- 4 hits
"Barack Obama booed" -- 8 hits
"Barack was booed" -- 3 hits
"Barack Obama was booed" -- 1 hit

What does this tell us? Either (a) Barack's supporters are exponentially more rude than Hillary's, or (b) people just don't like Hillary Clinton, and don't mind saying so. And remember, these have been DEMOCRATIC audiences for the most part.

You are welcome to arrive at your own conclusion.

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