Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Postcards from Charlottesville," Show #7

In the spirit of Earth Day, local activisits Stratton Salidis and Elena Day join me to talk about ecological health and the kinds of decisions we make as a community to either undermine or support our commitment to environmental sustainability. Two projects in particular -- the proposed expansion of the North Anna nuclear power plant, and the proposed Meadowcreek Parkway -- draw much of my guests' ire and compel them to promote more ecologically sound alternatives.

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Michael Stuart said...

Mayor Dave,

Thank you for bringing to light some particularly important issues facing not only Charlottesville, but Virginia as a whole.

I watched the video interview with Stratton Salidis of Alternatives to Paving and Elena Day of PACE. It is obvious from the start that these two guests, although well-intentioned, were decidedly anti-nuclear and misinformed about nuclear power. I'm not sure that either Stratton or Elena have any experience at all in the energy sector in general, much less nuclear power in specific.

In the interest of education, balanced commentary, and democracy that all of us should hold dear, I hope you would be willing to let me speak to some of the misconceptions that were left unchallenged on your show.

Thank you!

Michael Stuart
Beaverdam, Virginia

Mike Stuart said...

I'm sure you're a very busy man, but I haven't heard anything back from you regarding my comments about Show #7.

Nuclear energy is very important to Virginia, and I believe that it deserves a look from both sides of the "aisle" so to speak.

I'd love to talk to you sometime about some of the issues that went unchallenged in your podcast, so that at least you will be able to form a more educated view on the true nature of nuclear energy in Virginia. I look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Stuart

Mike Stuart said...

I realize that I did not leave a way to contact me, so it might be my fault I haven't heard anything from you.

I'll spell out my number to avoid automatic Internet number scanners:

Eight-oh-four Two-seven-three Two-seven-oh-eight

I'm there during the day, Tuesday through Friday, or you can just leave me a message.