Monday, April 14, 2008

Introducing...Our New PACEM Blog/Website!

Thanks to Marijean Jaggers (perhaps better known in these parts as "STL Working Mom") and the other good folks at the Standing Partnership public relations firm, PACEM has a brand-spankin'-new, updated, all-in-one blog/website -- entitled, appropriately enough, "Cville Shelter." Same location as the old site (, but with more content, more visual appeal, and more interactive capabilities. Standing Partnership chose PACEM as one of its 2008 Community Partners and is donating $4,000 worth of site design, construction and maintenance services to the cause. I cannot thank them enough -- Marijean, you're a saint. And thanks as well to PACEM volunteer Chris Clarke for stepping up to keep our old site going the past couple of years. PACEM would not be what it is without the dedicated volunteers and community supporters who make it all happen.

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StLmom said...

Wow, nobody ever called me a saint before. Thanks, Dave! It was our pleasure.