Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Bits

* The PACEM celebration on Friday was a big success. Standing-room-only crowd, inspiring speakers, excellent media coverage, profitable silent auction, etc. Thanks to all who helped put it together. Only downside of the night is that I got outbid on Mackie Kudravetz's beautiful "A Nest for Every Egg" by a certain scoundrel who shall not be named (cough *Ed Bain* cough).

* Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center at UVa. Like many folks in Charlottesville, I was a big admirer of Emily Couric's and firmly believe she would have become Virginia's first female Governor; this Center will be an apt legacy. Katie Couric was on hand for the occasion and she was kind enough to say hi and introduce me to her family.

* Sunday opened with the "Run in the Name of Love" 5K race benefitting the Arc of the Piedmont. Good course, about 75 runners, I came in 37th and set a new personal record -- 8 mins. 43 secs./mile. Kevin Cox (who also set a personal record today, albeit much faster than mine) sold me on doing the "Run for Autism" 5K next Saturday to benefit another wonderful cause, the Virginia Institute of Autism. I'm becoming a regular runner now -- who knew?

* Sunday afternoon I was pleased to officiate at the annual Young Writers Competition awards ceremony at Second Street Gallery. What an incredibly talented pool of prose and poetry writers we have in our local high schools! Congratulations to honorees Anna Bninski, Melina Schoppa, Helen Alston, Joanne Moody, Indu Chelliah, Jo Blount, Sylvia Kates, and Erik Szaloki-Johnson. I was particularly proud to note that 6 of the 8 finalists in this year's region-wide competition are students at Charlottesville High School. Go Black Knights!

* Got lots of work done around the house this weekend. Needed it desperately. My poor yard, which is a perennial nightmare, is now slightly less nightmarish. That counts as progress around these parts.

* Still looking for a summer sitter if you know of anyone who might be interested....

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StLmom said...

Aw, man, Katie Couric AND her family? That's incredibly cool.