Tuesday, August 12, 2008

CBS-19 Airs TV Story on New “Step Up” Program — Housing for the Homeless

CBS-19 TV aired a great story today on the new “Step Up” program that Region Ten initiated this summer, in partnership with PACEM and with financial support from the City’s Housing Fund. “Step Up” is a Housing First-type program through which 10-15 disabled, chronically homeless individuals (including several long-term PACEM guests) will be provided housing and support services in order to get them off the streets and help them climb the ladder to stability and self-sufficiency. Two former PACEM guests are featured in the CBS-19 story and it’s definitely worth a viewing:


While no one expects Step Up or any Housing First initiative to have a 100% success rate, we know from many other communities that programs like this do make a big impact in the lives of the homeless and, in some cases, actually save communities money (given the significant amount of costly public services [jails, courtrooms, emergency rooms, shelters, detox facilities, etc.] that many chronically homeless individuals consume).

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