Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Plastic Waste, Part 2

Following up on a suggestion made by former Mayor David Brown last summer, I'm pleased to report that the City of Charlottesville is taking steps as of this week to actively reduce the consumption of bottled water by City employees and by participants in City meetings. Water pitchers are being ordered for all City and school meeting rooms and staff are exploring alternatives to plastic bottles in City vending machines.

Why is this good news for our taxpayers and our environment? See www.thinkoutsidethebottle.org.

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BWB said...

Betty thanks you, Dave, for being a catalyst in our community when it comes to environmental issues! Eliminating plastic water bottles in local government meetings is just one of the many ways Charlottesville, with your leadership, is embracing steps towards a better community and thus a better world!

Teri Kent at Better World Betty