Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ask the Mayor

I'm enjoying my new weekly gig on 106.1 The Corner. Politics, music, local news...good times. Most weeks I'm on Thursday mornings with Tad Abbey (formerly known as the spandex-clad child-Mayor of Utica) around 8:40 for about 15-20 mins. This week's show came a day early (today) for scheduling reasons.

A Corner listener suggested that the show include a regular "Ask the Mayor" feature and we agreed. Feel free to shoot Tad a question (click here for his e-mail) and he'll pick a couple each week to throw my way. I'll take any question about any subject except the biomechanics of the human respiratory system. I have people who keep on top of that for me.


lani said...

whats the average rainfall in Mondamous?

StLmom said...

Dang, and that was my question.