Saturday, December 20, 2008

"And a little child shall lead them..."

We at PACEM welcomed a delightful visitor today, an 8-year-old Charlottesville girl named Alexandra LaCour who asked that her family NOT give her Christmas presents this year, and instead give money to the less fortunate. After getting a tour of our women’s shelter, where she asked lots of good questions about how our shelter program operates, Alexandra presented a $500 check to PACEM and asked that it be used to make life better for people who are homeless. Thank you so much Alexandra for your thoughtfulness!

For media accounts of Alexandra’s inspiring act of selflessness, see the Daily Progress article here:

and a TV news story from Channel 29 here: (click on camera icon for video)

and a TV news story from Channel 19 here: (click on camera icon for video)

For information on how you can follow Alexandra's example and make your own donation to PACEM, please click here.

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CHALL said...

We ran a story on 94.1 FM & 1260 AM WCHV about Alexandra as well ..what a cool person she is to have done that!

Courtney Hall