Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is Waynesboro Really 7 Times Smarter Than Charlottesville?

Interesting news item in my in-box today:

For more information:
Peggy Moore
(540) 943-8444, ext. 18

News Conference Planned

Please join Vector Industries on Monday, Dec. 22, at 3 p.m. for a news conference.

With water/sewer bills likely to rise in 2009 in Waynesboro, Vector Industries, a non-profit organization employing more than 110 people with diverse disabilities, would like to introduce
a solution.

The non-profit plans to offer residents of Waynesboro a kit that will reduce
water consumption in households by an average of 34 percent. Vector Industries will introduce its Green Kit, which is currently available for $25 and pays for itself in only three months through water savings.

Please plan to attend this news conference to learn more about this cost-saving solution for residents of Waynesboro.

Vector Industries is located at 1001 Fairfax Avenue in Waynesboro.

Now, our community's 50-year water supply plan is premised on the idea that over the next 50 years, residents of Charlottesville/Albemarle will learn how to reduce per capita consumption of water by 5 percent. Yet if this announcement is true, residents of Waynesboro will soon be able to save 34 percent immediately, for the grand sum of $25 a pop. How is it that Waynesboro has figured out how to be 7 times as water-smart as Charlottesville? That doesn't seem fair. Maybe someone from Charlottesville should infiltrate this media event and find out what this secret "Green Kit" is all about. Maybe even smuggle one back over the mountain. (I'm only being half-facetious.)


Anonymous said...


I will go.

In 50 years the whole technology of water will have changed. To build this mega reservoir in the Ragged Mountains is INSANE. The Nature Conservancy is behind it. We are going to loose the Ragged Mountain Conservation Area. We are going to abandon SFRR. We will give up the Sugar Hollow Reservoir to SUPERCHARGE the Moormans. All these are City assets and the City looses. But The County won't give any of their reservoirs and Sally Thomas simply says they need them. Plus they get the mitigation for the destruction of Ragged Mountain wetlands. We need mitigation for the loss of water below SFRR. And mitigation for the destruction of Moors Creek when the sewage is pot back.

The Nature Conservancy plan is approvede but it is a bad plan that will cost the Rate Payers $1/4 Billion. And leave behind abandoned reservoirs.

There are better options. Do something please!!!

Betty said...

RWSA doubled our water rates in 2002 but we have no more water to show for it and they've bankrolled all that money. Here's an idea

Green Kits for Christmas for all Charlottesville and Albemarle rate-payers compliments of RWSA

looks like Greg Harper may be right dredging is more than enough water for 50 years ---

Anonymous said...

Send the Person of the Year over to get the scoop!

Betty said...

Thanks Dave for helping the community understand how critical conservation is when planning our future water supply