Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BREAKING NEWS Out of Richmond -- Clean Energy Financing Bill Passes House, Senate Unanimously!

While many good clean-energy bills failed, sadly, in this year's General Assembly session, I'm very pleased to report that as of today, the Virginia State Senate and the Virginia House of Delegates have both UNANIMOUSLY approved SB1212 -- the Clean Energy Financing Bill patroned by Sen. Creigh Deeds on behalf of the City of Charlottesville. Now it just needs Gov. Kaine's signature to become law.

Remember this day, folks. Thanks to SB1212, we will likely see a multitude of Virginia localities establish public-private financing initiatives over the coming years to help property owners all over the Commonwealth to make energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements to their homes and businesses. Many thanks to Sen. Deeds, to David Blount (our legislative liaison), and to the many other individuals and organizations who lent their support to this Bill (including the Virginia Municipal League and the Virginia Association of Counties) and helped to ensure its passage.


Cat said...

Great news! You deserve credit for your hard work on this as well, Dave.

Lonnie said...

It's been very exciting to see this from start to finish, and it's great to see Charlottesville leading the way on such a visionary proposal.

We do indeed have leaders in local government like yourself to thank for empowering citizens and staff to work on an idea like this and then helping to elevate it as an example for the whole Commonwealth.