Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vote for Dave (Again!)

Dear Friends,

I'm writing today to share some news. As you may know, my term on City Council ends this year, and I have been thinking long and hard about whether to seek re-election to Council. The job of Councilor/Mayor requires long hours for little pay and has taught me all too well the importance of having a thick skin.

We have made some good progress in my time on Council, though, and I have too many 'irons in the fire' and initiatives under development to give up now. Accordingly, I have decided to take the plunge and today am announcing my candidacy for another term on City Council. The Charlottesville Democrats will hold a nominating primary on Saturday, May 9, and I hope you will urge all of your friends, co-workers, neighbors and colleagues to come out and vote for me on that day. The general election will take place on Nov. 3.

For more information about my candidacy, or to find out ways that you can get involved in my campaign, please visit Better yet, come to our Campaign Kickoff Party next Thursday, March 12, from 7-9pm at South Street Brewery (106 South St.). I am pleased to report that Becky Reid has agreed to serve as my Campaign Manager while Tad Abbey is coordinating my Media and Promotions; Holly Hatcher is returning as my campaign Treasurer. It's a dynamic team and I'm proud to have their support.

One last thing. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate asking for money. But we do need some funds to help cover the modest expenses we expect to incur in the months ahead. Virginia law allows for unlimited donations to local candidates, but I detest the corrupting role that money plays in politics so I have imposed a voluntary limit of $500 per donor. Even if you can only give a fraction of that, though, please consider doing so. Checks can be made out to "Dave Norris for City Council" and mailed to 1409 Early St., Charlottesville, VA 22902, or you can donate online by clicking here.

Thanks much for your friendship and support!



Anonymous said...

Every resident in the city has the same opportunities. It's whether or not they take advantage of them is the dilemma. Typical socialist taking money from the top to bring up the bottom. Ever since FDR's "New Deal" billions and billions if not trillions of dollars have been spent trying to cure poverty. Has it worked? No, because money does not cure anything. You can give hungry man money to eat today and for today it works but tomorrow he will be back with his hand out. Now if you teach that same man how to earn money for his own food or if need be grow his own food then he feeds himself for a life time. But when you continue to give him money without question then he becomes a slave to the government.

There are many reasons why "do gooder" liberals like to give money to people. At the higher levels of government it's to create a voting block that helps their party retain control. Another reason is so the socialist can get together at their cocktail parties and talk about how they are making a difference. And one of the scariest is the politicians who believe that this is the only way to cure poverty. In other words socialism.

In conclusion I would ask if spending money to cure poverty through public housing, or food stamps or welfare checks truly worked. Then why (after trillions of dollars spent since the 1940's and a multitude of programs), do we still have poverty?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...your posting reflects an extremely narrow viewpoint. While I agree with you that money blindly handed out will not result in long-term solutions, money wisely applied in tandem with training of necessary life and business skills can indeed break the cycle of poverty.

This results in a stronger overall community as fewer residents are in demand of social services, but instead become valuable members of a community.

There are many wonderful people who struggle daily against enormous odds (whether they be health or job related, or otherwise).

You incorrectly assume that anybody who is homeless or hungry unanimously expects handouts and doesn't want to provide for his/her self.

I sincerely hope you don't ever find yourself or somebody close to you in a situation where a "handout" is needed, but unfortunately it could be the only scenario by which you could learn to view circumstances on a case by case basis and not make mistaken and blind assumptions.

KDB said...
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KDB said...

Yay for Dave!

Even though Charlottesville is not my home these days, I'm thrilled to read about Dave's progress as Mayor and glad he's willing to serve another term on council.

Dave: just a note that the donate here link in this post didn't work for me. I went to the campaign website instead:

Will there be Vote for Dave t-shirts this time?

Daya Bill
Princeton, NJ