Monday, August 31, 2009

Batten Students Tackle Cville's Affordable Housing Challenge

Last week I had the honor of participating in the opening symposium for this year's Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at UVa. This year's class of Batten students are taking on a semester-long project to educate themselves on the issue of affordable housing in Charlottesville and explore ways that we as a community can better meet this urgent need. I was quite impressed with the students I met and very much look forward to seeing what ideas they come up with. has an article about my presentation, which gives a good overview of this multi-faceted problem and touches on some potential solutions -- click here to read it.


Polymath said...

One way to reduce the cost of housing in Charlottesvlle would be to reduce the property tax rate.

The demand for housing subsidy is ever-increasing because it is a govenment subsidy. People who demand the subsidy erroneously believe that any money which comes to them through the government is somehow "free," when it truly comes out of the wallets of people who actually pay taxes. What obligations do zero-liability voters have to the taxpayer?

As far as the homeless are concerned, they most likely see Charlottesville as an easy mark: A city run by committed leftists inhabited by well-off and wealthy leftists. I would wager only a small percentage of your "200to 300 homeless people" actually come from Charlottesville in the first place.

rancisf said...

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