Thursday, September 24, 2009

Toward a More Bike-Friendly and Pedestrian-Friendly Charlottesville

Today, Kristin Szakos and I unveiled a set of proposals (based on input we solicited from local citizens and bicycle/pedestrian advocacy groups) to make Charlottesville a more bicycle-friendly and pedestrian-friendly community. This is an issue that Kristin has a real passion for and I'm looking forward to her leadership in this arena. For more info., see

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Tree hugging said...

Here are a few things I'd recommend in terms of becoming more bike and pedestrian friendly:

1) Make sure that major routes used by bikers for communting have continuous bike lanes. Too often, they suddenly end in rather dangerous places making it difficult to safely get from here to there.

2) We actually have an official bike route through the area (rt.76) and most if the route is downright deadly. The same route in the Blacksburg area has lanes even in rural areas. We should do the same. It would also be a good commuter route for some people.

3) We should periodically close down major roads and make them bike/pedestrian/emergency vehicle only. A fantastic start would be to require that the new Meadowcreek Parkway be closed to traffic every Sunday.

4) Stop paving gravel roads. If maintenance is a concern then spot pave problem sections. Places like Stribling in the City and Decca in the county are vital for people who need places to safely run or walk.

Obviously, many of these initiatives would require close partnership with the county.