Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Charlottesville Candidates Need a Broad Vision"

I used to serve on the Piedmont Housing Alliance Board of Directors with Helen Flamini and have come to know her even better through her impressive work with the exciting McIntire Botanical Garden project. I was honored to see the Letter to the Editor from Helen that was published in today's Daily Progress:

City Council elections will be here on Nov. 3. There are many issues confronting the citizens of Charlottesville in the days ahead, and it will take dedicated and informed leaders to meet those challenges.

With so many important issues facing the City Council candidates, this would be the wrong time to elect a candidate whose entire focus is on a single polarizing matter. What is needed is a candidate who is focused on all the important issues affecting the city: affordable housing, transportation, education, recreation, environmental sustainability, revitalization of public housing, fiscal responsibility and McIntire Park.

Dave Norris has worked toward addressing those issues as well as continuing to promote and support the goals from City Council's Vision Statement 2025 that will continue to make Charlottesville a great place to live for all its citizens.

Innovative and thoughtful ideas to improve community representation are but one example of the leadership role exemplified by Dave Norris. City voters should re-elect Dave Norris and elect Kristin Szakos to City Council, as they work to ensure continued progress in making Charlottesville the great city it already is.

Helen Flamini

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Kim said...

Well said Helen, and I whole- heartedly agree. The recent candidate forum only strenthened that conclusion for me. Be informed and aware on all of the issues facing Charlottesville currently, and likely to affect us for the future, and I think you'll find that Dave Norris and Kristin Szakos are the candidates most ready to address those issues, and meet the challenges thoughtfully and in concert with community members, fellow council members, and members of our region. And they'll work with a spirt of cooperation, not devisiveness.