Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Women Rally for Szakos

WCAV CBS19 ran an excellent piece on the "Women for Szakos" Rally earlier today on the Downtown Mall. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Scary thought. Single shot for Fenwick to keep her off council!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha that's funny Anonymous. Fenwick is a fool who couldn't even get nominated by the Charlottesville Republicans because they know what a crackpot he is. And that's saying a lot they will nominate just about anybody!! Fenwick should stick with his campaign to keep the blacks out of MacIntire Park and leave serious policy making to grownups.

Anonymous said...

NIce race baiting there anonymous! Mr. Fenwick may indeed be a crack pot, but making up lies to smear him with certainly does nothing to demonstrate that. Is that really the best you've got?

Norris though, clearly is a tool of the local party and has to sell not only himself to the voters, but his lame sidekick too. I'll take independence over that any day, no matter how it may or may not have come about.

This party beholden nicey nice is the same sort of game that kept Kendra Hamilton and Kevin Lynch shut up while they were on Council. Look at the mess that got us in with the water supply. At least they finally did speak out. I don't have the same hope for Dave Norris though. I just don't see that he has that in him.

Dave's a nice guy at least. Damn, if we only had 4 more nice guys. We'd have a whole nice City Council to have Gary O'Connell walk all over.